Four Eyes Co Story 

Working in front of the computer all day during the week, I struggled with many of the same feelings that you are currently experiencing; tired and dry eyes, headaches and drained both physically and mentally.

This was a consistent feeling among my colleagues, friends and family. I knew that there would also be some long term damage being done when feeling these short term effects, like the dreaded feeling after getting sunburnt about the long term effects. 

We conducted the research and grew on conclusions made through multiple studies online about the long term harmful effects and damage of blue light exposure, most notably of these is long term vision problems such as macular degeneration.

Feeling inspired to change this and save not only ours but your eyesight, Four Eyes Co was born. 


What is Our Promise?

When choosing a product, we know how important it is for their values to be true.

At Four Eyes Co, we have pledged to provide a product to defend our family, friends and community against these harmful blue lights, relieving the short term effects, along with mitigate the long term damage. 


The Fred Hollows Project

As a company, we wanted to support a cause with our customers we have believed in for a long term now. 

Fred Hollows has recognised that 4 out of 5 people who are blind don't need to be. They are providing eyesight for as little as $25. 

That's why we are donating 20% of all profits to the Fred Hollows Foundation. As a customer, we become partners in supporting this cause and we thank you for providing the ability to support them.